Washington Post Apocalypse Debate Rages On

An article written by Gabe Sherman of The New Republic about the impending collapse of the Washington Post:

Inside the Messy Collapse of a Great Newspaper (New Republic, Jan 19, 2010)

“The common storyline is the Post is flailing,” a senior reporter says. “To me, it’s slightly different. It’s throwing everything up there to see what sticks.” “Everybody feels like we’re lurching,” says another reporter. “A company in chaos” is how a third Post staffer describes the state of the paper.

and a subsequent rebuttal from Dana Milbank, the Post’s Political reporter and former Senior Editor of The New Republic:

The State of The Post: Not Too Bad as Apocalypses Go (Jan 24, 2010)

One of the fringe benefits of working for The Washington Post these days is you get to read your own obituary, pretty much on a weekly basis.