Re: the Bill Joy Video Below

Just a couple of remarks about the very interesting Bill Joy TED talk. I just wanted to note that it’s clear from this talk that Joy is certainly not in any way anti-technology, or arguing from a Luddist perspective. He’s clearly believes in the power of technology – and capital. What he does say essentially, and this is the part that capital abhors, is that there are important dimensions of life and of civilization lying outside the spheres of capitalism and technology that must be brought to bear on the dilemmas created by them. Moral imagination is required: old-fashioned thinking – no computers necessary, in fact, technology can get in the way here.

For the hard-core Luddite perspective, the Wikipedia article is a good start. Then You might check out Kirkpatrick Sale’s book Rebels Against the Future. The history is fascinating  – and more complex that most people who throw the word “luddite” around probably know.