Annotated Event List

Jess is also making a spreadsheet version of these ideas.


  1. 1. Audience enters through hallway. Alex’s “2014” video bit.
    1. Area: “Hallway”
    2. One projector, a large screen at the end of the hallway. Three monitors on the inside wall, lights from the ceiling. Six small speakers, one large speaker at the end of the hall.
  2. 2. Opening music (Foreign Correspondents’ Rag). Newspaper delivery (newspaper is the program).
    1. As people enter, we’re counting on them to distribute themselves evenly in the seats on either side of the “tennis court” seating.
    2. Area: “Floor”
    3. Two deliverers on foot, two on bicycles (live actors).
    4. Sound: Live band (on mezzanine, Foreign Correspondents Rag (Chris).
      1. One violin, viola, contrabass, keyboard, percussionist.
      2. Four microphones, direct input from keys to soundboard. Headphone monitors as necessary.
    5. Video projection on the Press (on floor, Kathleen, Topher)
    6. The Program
      1. Cast list
      2. Acknowledgements
      3. Event list
      4. Any instructions the audience may need to experience the show.
      5. Student to write it.
  3. Printer’s expository monologue with printer’s reactions (sounds, belching steam, lights).
    1. Jim may want to write it.
    2. On the Press, video projections (Kathleen, Topher), sounds (Chris. Recorded coming from the Press) Press needs one internal light and speaker, follow spot on speaker. Student techs make light cues.
    3. Text and/or images. projected on large screens (A and C, All contribute)
    4. Monologue could be delivered from the Press platform as it rotates.
  4. 4. Ray Kurzwiel as talking head pontificates.
    1. a. Projected on balloon (Topher)
    2. b. Above B
  5. 5. Newspaper funeral. Newspapers’ complaints.
    1. a. Live actors
    2. b. Writing (Jess)
    3. c. Projections on A and C, video montage (Alex, Kathleen, Chris)
      1. 1. Possible spinning papers
    4. d. Music – Funeral March, band
  6. 6. Alex’s talking-head commentary/faux interviews projections.
    1. a. Video of actors, projected on A and C (Alex)
    2. b. Commentary reenactment  with Cartoon speech bubbles projected on the press (B)
    3. c. Lighting cues to direct the audience
    4. d. Chorus actors
  7. 7. Ray K. speaks again.
    1. a. Projected on balloon (Topher)
    2. b. Above B
  8. 8. Dowd vs. Schmidt
    1. a. Video projection: scorecards on A and C (Student with Kathleen’s supervision). Lights on B-platform.
    2. b. Two armchairs
    3. c. Platform rotates (Chorus members).
  9. 9. Animation Dance, Text Dance.
    1. a. Text Dance
      1. 1. Two computers
      2. 2. 4 RFID readers
      3. 3. video camera
      4. 4. text projection on dancer (text Chris, Jess)
      5. 5. projection on screen C
      6. 6. Music (Chris)
      7. 7. Dancer (
    2. b. Animation Dance            (MoCap dance to be determined Monday, 10/26!)
      1. 1. Stage A projection
      2. 2. Dancer (Student choreographer)
      3. 3. Music live and computer (Chris)
      4. 4. Animation (Kathleen)
      5. 5. Dialogue (Kathleen)
  10. Ray K. appears once more as projection. Rosie enters. Each delivers their speech, competing for audiences attention. Printer responds with noises and lights. Text comments and quotes taken from blogs, articles, (also written or reworked by us) etc., are projected. Alex’s talking heads and newspaper video collages projected. Music recapping themes from dances and “Foreign Correspondents’ Rag”. Computer music, mechanical (typewriter etc.) music. Newspapers fall from above and are scattered across the stage. Scene becomes chaotic. Action ends suddenly. Lights out.
    1. Reprise of tech used previously.
      1. Projections on large screens A and C
      2. Ray K. projection on balloon
      3. Music live and computer
      4. Light, projections sound and smoke from Press
      5. Actors center
  1. In addition, there will be newspaper pages falling from the ceiling and blowing across the stage.
    1. Newspapers
    2. Fans to move papers across stage
    3. Crew dumping papers from above.
  2. Ray K. appears alone onstage, sitting on a toilet reading the news on an electronic reader. Announces the end of the show. (I think there needs to be some kind of epilogue-type thing here, in which the audience is addressed directly, in the manner of a Shakespeare comedy, etc.).





Throughout the piece, the Printer makes noises and displays lights and projections, belches steam, etc. by way of comment on action and speeches. Projected text can also provide commentary on action. There should be a multiplicity of voices throughout, to reflect the complexity of the issue.